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Small neodymium cylinder magnets can be magnetized through the length or across the diameter. The shape of a neodymium cylinder magnet produces a magnetic field with a longer reach.Small neodymium cylinder magnets are typically used in medical, sensor, read switches, meters, and holding applications.  If you have a special size round cylinder neodymium magnets that needs to be customized, you can send it to our staff directly. We are a n35-n52 magnet factory and provide OEM services. We produce neodymium magnets for sale and provide customized neodymium cylinder magnets.

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Most NEO Magnets are magnetized axially through the thickness with poles on the long flat surfaces. Triple layer coated (nickel-copper-nickel) for maximum durability and protection against corrosion. Manufactured in state of the art ISO certified and QC  strict quality controlMagnet manufacturing facilities to ensure maximum quality. Useful for just about anything including fastening, holding, hanging objects, finding studs in walls, and more. Made from Neodymium, Iron, Boron and other minor elements. Them have resistant to demagnetization function.

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Fullzen Magnetics has more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom rare earth magnets. Send us a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your project's specialty requirements, and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most cost effective way of providing you with what you need.Send us your specifications detailing your custom magnet application.

GET A QUOTEDue to their short shape, these small cylindrical magnets are relatively indestructible compared to other larger disc and block magnets. Although small in size, we did not have any difficulty producing them. Meters and gauges that control large-scale industrial processes contain sensitive cylindrical magnets for detection and measurement purposes. Permanent magnets function to provide the accuracy and reliability required for the long-term efficient operation of these vital devices.

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