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NdFeB flat disc magnets are generally magnetized in the axial direction, and the axial magnetization is that one circular plane is the north pole and the other plane is the south pole. The distance between the planes (disk thickness) is the distance between the magnetic poles. The magnets are magnetized along the central axis of the neodymium disc magnet. Flat Neodymium magnets are supplied as axial magnetized NdFeB magnets unless otherwise stated. Our industrial magnets are used to regulate various functions. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Excellent customer service. Get a 24/7 quote by phone. Fullzen Technology as a leading custom magnet manufacturer, provide OEM & ODM customize service , will help you resolve your custom neodymium magnet disc requirements. ISO 9001 certified. Experienced manufacturer.

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China's professional disc neodymium magnet manufacturer, large-scale production. We provide different grades, sizes, and can be customized, contact us now! Neodymium planar disc magnets are the strongest permanent magnets. Rare earth magnets are mainly used in applications that require the generation of a magnetic field in a defined area with a specific magnetic field distribution. The diameter of a disc neodymium magnet has a direct effect on holding force, pulling force and magnetic field distribution. Neodymium flat magnets are mainly used as sensor magnets, motor magnets, medical equipment magnets, handicraft magnets, consumer electronics magnets and stationary magnets.

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